Motivated candidates who want to develop research skills should send a short note on their subjects of interest, their CV and a transcript of their marks to local Geoscience program manager clara.jodry@ufaz.az. Companies interested in proposing a research or industrial projects are welcomed to reach out to Head of Education Department latifa.nasibova@ufaz.az and clara.jodry@ufaz.az.

Bacherlor’s degree

Fourth year undergraduate students at UFAZ are required to complete an 18-week internship from March to June to receive their Bachelor degree. Each year, UFAZ, Universities of Strasbourg and REnnes I proposes a few subjects related to research projects. If no subjects are proposed, interested students can reach out to their program manager who will put them into contact with researchers and help them build a project.
No current offers

Master’s degree

Master’s at UFAZ proposes two types of research project: (i) In first year, a yearlong research project in parallel to class and (ii) in second year, a full-time internship over the second semester (from February to June).

Project 1: Receiver-function study of the austral oceanic islands: Kerguelen, Crozet, and Amsterdam. (M1 or M2)


No Ph.D. position is currently available, but open applications can be sent.

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